Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010 – Day 39 Bye Bye Green Girl….I’ll miss you

David rode his BMW R1200GS to Engle Motors around 10:00am to see their Triumph bikes. He'd bought his Kawasaki KLR 650 from them 5 years ago and since they’d treated him right he was ready for another round. He’d been talking to them for awhile and decided they were a player against the Honda NT700. I drove his Subaru hot rod as Green Girl was at Freedom Motors.

We arrived early and they had a demo ride already set up for him. While he was gone I wandered around and sat on ALL the Triumphs and several of the BMW’s, much to the dismay of the sales staff. It seems David had already told them I wasn’t a prospect. Thanks a lot David.

When he returned it was obvious from the grin on his face the Triumph had won the contest against Honda so the next hour was spent signing papers, laying down cash, that sort of thing.

Outside and ready to leave I told him I’d take a few pictures when he was ready to depart. He smiled, posed, mounted up and as he rode by said “Try to catch up, OK?” and that was the last I saw of him. I was driving his car and were it not for the fact I’d tossed my Garmin GPS into the back seat in the morning I’d probably still be driving around looking for his place.

It took awhile but I finally made it home and we went to lunch at some indiscriminate ding-dong Irish Pub. It was the pits; terrible service by the lone waitress (table server?) who had the worst up-yours attitude I could remember. We left and drove to Applebee’s where we were treated like valued customers and had a great lunch.

Once we were out of there we went to Freedom Cycles to pick up the Yellow Peril. Did I mention that’s the name of the new ride? Back in the 90’s I owned a yellow 1966 Lancia Fulvia 1300 that I rallied and it was also known as the Yellow Peril. So maybe I have this thing about yellow? Anyway that’s her name and I’m sticking to it.
Roman - Service Tech
Checking out the Navigation System

Zero Miles on the Yellow Peril
It's time to move out
David had long ago left to go home and mess around with his new Triumph Bonneville SE so I set out alone using the new Navigation system to guide me through the late afternoon commuter traffic. The ride to David’s house was nearly 30 miles and I made it without mishap, no wrong turns and no near misses. The Yellow Peril is easy to ride and a lot more powerful than Green Girl so she took awhile to get used to. If I slide forward all the way on the saddle I can stand flat-footed at stops and when I’m moving the saddle is really comfortable. I’m thinking this bike will be great on the open road and having rode in heavy stop and go traffic she’ll be an easy ride through cities too.

It was a hoot to pull up into his garage and hear the GPS lady say “Arriving at David’s.”

We eyeballed our two new rides and then drove to the grocery store for stuff we needed to make spaghetti and salad plus refresh our supply of Vino. At home again David cooked while I got caught up on my blog for the last two days. We had a great dinner, early enough for me to finish and him to do the kitchen clean-up routine. (My mama didn’t raise no fool….)

Good bye Green Girl, I'll miss you...
I think tomorrow will see us on the road.


  1. You're killing me. Between you and your friend, you bought two bikes on my Top Five Favorites list. You even both picked the color I'd get.

    What I want to know now is which of the bikes you already own will end up sitting outside the garage under a cover after you shoehorn the Wing in there.

  2. Jerry, are you serious? You've seen our garage bays. Do you really think any of the bikes will be moved outside? All of the other rolling (and rocking) stock will take back seat. Bikes rule!

  3. I feel a garage sale coming upon return.