Monday, July 5, 2010

July 04, 2010 – Day 29 It’s Independence Day!

Terry was up and at it early this morning while I slept in and Doug messed around with plotting out travel options for me. She was just making some real headway with her stuffed jalapenos when I came staggering out and butted in, wanting to know all about how she was fixing them, etc. She’s a patient gal and gave me the 10-minute course on how to do them. I may have a go at it later this summer.
Another member of the Modern Vespa Forum – Kevin – lives close by and was on his way over to meet us and go for a ride. His MP3 500 scooter is black and evil looking… He checked out Green Girl right away.
That is not an MP3 500 Larry...

He'd arrived right on time so we set out for a nice ride through the surrounding hills and country side. I felt a bit guilty as I’d not been wearing all my safety equipment and both Doug and Kevin were fully garbed like you’re supposed to. My excuse? It was too hot. Duh…

We visited the home where Terry grew up,
Her neices were selling veggies & fresh fruit.
Nuclear plants & dams & warning sighs...Ewww....

Nice house for sale, only $699K
Million dollar view included

All told we rode for a couple of hours, then it was time to head home and help out getting things ready for the big 4th of July barbeque. Kevin and his wife would return later for the festivities as would Terry’s family. I got to meet a very happy group of family and friends who all treated me super.

Doug shucked corn and then donned his chef’s hat and fixed burgers, hot dogs, and jalapenos over hot coals. Terry had a ton of food fixed and her sisters and others brought more food, all of it delicious.
Fire! Call the fire department!

After dinner Doug presented me with the engraved plaque he’d had made up for a May 22nd gathering of MP3 riders at the Tail of the Dragon. I’d truly intended to make it but circumstances prevented it so the award plaque went into a dark place for safekeeping until today. What a hoot!

It finally got dark enough for the city’s fireworks show to begin and we had a perfect view of everything from the driveway.
Mr Tailgator

It was one of the longest and best I’d ever seen and after it was over and everyone had gone home Doug and Terry and I sat on the front porch talking until midnight. It was a perfect way to wrap up one of the best 4th of July’s I’d ever had and I felt really lucky to have made such great new friends. Thanks you guys!

What about tomorrow? Why the Dragon of course!


  1. Sounds like a great time with good people Larry. Am happy to know I will be meeting some of them in September. Glad you had a happy 4th so far from home. :)

  2. Terry and Doug, thanks for taking such good care of our Larry over the holiday weekend. We missed him at our celebrations but were happy that he was having fun at your house! Chance, Daisy, Lily and Linda.