Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 – Day 35 Practice Day at the Kart Track

There was no time for Green Girl today, it's up and at 'em early for a day with David and Noah at the kart track north of Kansas City. We'd loaded the gear on the truck last night and right after breakfast we set out so we could get to the rack on time.

On the track Noah wears all the gear, all the time
Noah’s schedule included two practice sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon beginning at 9:12am. His first round was fair considering he had been off for a month and his second session was even better. His third one in the afternoon had him demonstrating a blistering pace that warded off even the best challengers.

Photographer filming Noah's work

David tried different sprockets to achieve the best combination of low end torque and acceleration. By the 3rd practice session he'd figured it out and Noah's times improved.

Noah won his first championship in his second season last year and this year has moved up a class to the equivalent of National racing.

David kept fussing around prompting Noah to focus on entry and exit techniques for various corners where critical time can be lost or gained.
End of session 3 - Dad's a happy coach

 In the racing game having a good team coach or instructor is as important as the kart itself and David’s experience as a seasoned driver is exceptional. Noah listens to his dad and like any potential professional displays patience beyond his years. During a break I asked him what he had in mind for the future and without hesitation he said quietly “Formula One.”

That’s a big goal for anyone but with the right amount of discipline and the prerequisite skills he could well make it. I’m rooting for him because I like him as a person and I believe in him as a driver.

Tomorrow's going to be here in a heart beat.


  1. Very Nice Post!!! Hi, David and Noah!

  2. Hi Chance !
    How's Daisy and the art show?