Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 13, 2010 – Day 38 Green Girl gets new tires…and more

David's household was up bright and early to make the 9:00am appointment at Freedom Cycles. Green Girl had an appointment and we wanted to be on time so I set up the route on her GPS and we set out.

David led the way as he knows all the short cuts that avoid rush hour traffic and we arrived within just a few minutes of our goal. So who needs a GPS anyway?

While we were there we’d both wanted to have a look at Honda’s new NT700 road bike – touring machine. It’s more of a conventional design, unlike cruisers, etc, and generally a more familiar riding position for, uh, older more experienced riders.
We hung out for what amounted to a long time and while David went for a test ride I ogled the new Honda Goldwing GL1800. They’re the updated version of Chuck’s Goldwing that I’d ridden while we were in Arizona and had been on my mind since. 
Reggie Roginson - Sales rep
Suzi Rorabauch - Finance Manager
Jeff - General Manager
By the time David got back I’d fallen victim to the new beast and was engaged in doing a deal to buy one if they could locate the color I wanted: Pearl Yellow.
They located one that could be at their dealership the next day and that was it, we removed the farkles I’d added to Green Girl, GPS & cruise control and turned her over to her new owner Freedom Cycles. Her mileage was showing around 8,500 and they were all typical of Kawasaki, carefree and fun.

David wasn’t able to get the deal he wanted for his BMW R1200GS so we will go look at what Triumph has to offer tomorrow.


  1. Are you f***ing kidding me?! You bought a GL1800?! I hate you!!

    ...Can I ride it?

  2. Yes you may but coffee at Monica's is part of the deal, eh?

  3. Bye, bye, Green Girl. It was short, but sweet. Nice know'in ya. Happy Trails.