Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010 Green Girl’s first service today

It sure didn’t seem to take long to accumulate the miles on Green Girl, barely a week has passed and there are already nearly 700 logged on her clock. As luck would have it business required a fast overnight trip to Portland so it was the perfect excuse to run up a few miles on her, that way we could get in the first service prior to leaving on the summer tour.

Before heading to Portland I snagged the Zumo GPS off my scooter Red Dog and installed it on Green Girl’s handlebars. The location was a natural for it and to keep things simple I wired it directly to the battery. Now I’ll need to remember to turn it off or it’s dead battery city…

While in the big city I visited Bob Lamphere’s Beaverton Honda Yamaha and oh-by-the-way Kawasaki to see what they had to offer. I was looking for a sheepskin seat pad – my butt would appreciate a slightly cushier bit of padding – but it turns out they don’t stock them. Bummer…izzat a pun?

They do, however, carry some really cool cruise controls made by BrakeAway, an Oregon firm located just a few miles away in Hillsboro. I’d intended to buy one so it worked out just great and I was able to install it at Dale & Sally LaFollette’s where I was staying.

It was a bit fussy to get adjusted just right but once done it really seems to work well, just push the set button when you’re up to speed and you can relax your right hand, no more cramped fingers.

To disengage there’s a small release button that you touch with your thumb or just apply the front brakes, either method works the same. Neat.

So that’s it for today’s activities, it’s getting late in the afternoon, Linda has a class tonight and Daisy wants her dinner RIGHT NOW! There just isn’t any room in her world for bikes or blogs and that’s that.

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  1. Its good to see Daisy has her priorities straight! Like any female, I'd reckon!