Monday, June 7, 2010

June 06, 2010 Day 1 – The Bruce Bros Ranch, Medford

Setting out on Green Girl this morning was another test of determination on my part. The sunny weather that had been predicted failed to show and it was raining hard.

I’d planned to wear leathers and had packed accordingly the night before but it was not to be. I unpacked and left them home, choosing instead to wear Big Red, my Aerostich one-piece Roadcrafter suit that had been with me on the ride to Nova Scotia. Along with that I included my new electric vest for warmth and set out.

As I’m always curious what my bike weighs loaded I stopped at the truck scales south of Bandon to see. I was surprised that Green Girl was a svelte 700 lbs. (Without me of course…)
Following Garmin & Company’s instructions I set out on Highway 42 for the Bruce Bros ranch in Medford where I would spend the night and link up with Chuck. Getting there would take time as once on the road I soon fell victim to my habit of stopping for photo ops beginning at the small community of Bridge. I’ve passed through there innumerable times but never once visited the little store and gas station. Today was no different but at least I’ve now got pictures, right?

Tucked away behind an old trailer across the highway was a small blue creature of mysterious origin which I’m hoping someone will identify for me.
Rain showers were on and off all the way to the Dillard turnoff that leads to I-5 south aka The Slab. Plenty of semis were on hand to propel great walls of water onto any motorcyclist foolish enough to be riding this day. No problem, my gear is waterproof. Sort of anyway.

Lunch stop was at my long-time hardly ever visited Golden Arches food palace where I got my daily fat-fix. Seems like the only time I eat there is when I’m traveling. Maybe that’s why they say travel is broadening?

Arriving in Medford I took the next set of directions that eventually led me to the ranch he and his brother own. Located on a mountain top, the views are spectacular and the quiet is broken only by the breezes.

Chuck raises horses, Norwegian Fjords to be exact. They’re big clunky looking guys and friendly as can be which is probably why they’re so well liked.
Chuck made dinner for us, then gave me the tour of the grounds including his collection of oddities like his home made sidecar outfit and his 1929 Nash. He used a canoe for the main part of the sidecar and it’s actually sort of cute in a canoe-like way.  Later  we hiked up to the lake on the ranch above his place and then returned home to sit on the deck and savor a glass of his own private label applejack. Delicious!

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  1. I like the hi-visibility of your Roadcrafter suit. Your brother's place looks awesome.