Monday, June 7, 2010

June 07, 2010 Day 2 – OMG, we’re in Winnemucca, NV!

This morning we were blessed with sunshine and reasonably warm weather. After a brief breakfast, then coffee with Bill Bruce we headed eastward on highway 140 towards Lakeview, OR. The road is twisty in just the right places and great fun to ride. Photos were up for grabs everywhere beginning with lava flows running alongside the road.

The road to Winnemucca was well marked and fun to ride, especially up the Doherty Rim where there were no guard rails and the drop off was straight down.

The view was spectacular and we paused for pics while a truck worked his way past us on the way down.

Arriving on top of Doherty Rim the border to Nevada was only a short distance further. We paused for the usual mandatory photos and headed on.
After miles and miles of what Chuck described as “little short green things” we arrived at Al’s Gas and Eats place where we fueled up and visited with Al and his dog. The place is for sale but he said no one wants it including himself. At least the décor is pretty cool.

We rolled into Winnemucca in the late afternoon and scored a nice room at the local Motel 6 for less than 40 bucks, a good deal for two guys as cheap as us. Plus it's right across the street from one very quiet neighborhood...

The manager lady recommended a casino down the street for dinner so we went there and forced ourselves to wolf down prime ribs & salad bar.

How we suffer on the road…


  1. Uh-oh. I'm not sure that big hunk o'beef is good for you! Looks like you're making good time. Are we supposed to be putting those little dot thingies on the map?

  2. Hey Collie Dog, Since when did you become the food critic around here? SIT! Good dog...

  3. $40 for 2 people? Cheaper than camping in some places.