Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This will be my final post on this blog; my remarks are intended to act as a closure for anyone who follows it.

On May 7th, 2012 I sold the Yellow Peril to another rider who will probably ride the wheels off her. That wasn't something likely to happen as long as I owned her; after the ride home from Kansas City I found myself choosing other bikes to ride, smaller ones that were easier for me to handle.

The Yellow Peril aka Honda Gold Wing was truly a wonderous bike, beautiful to look at, incredible to ride, and built with all the quality you'd expect from Honda. Sadly I found myself ill at ease when it came to low speed maneuvers and realized it was only a matter of time until I dropped her, maybe at speed.

With that in mind I've aquired another ride, a 2010 Honda NT700v known in Europe as the Deauville 700. Many riders regard this model as a small Gold Wing and to that end I'd agree with them. It's a much lighter bike yet still offers many of the finest features as provided by the 'wing. I expect to accumulate many happy miles on her so for anyone  interested I'll be starting another blog titled Days of the Red Girl.

Thanks again for following, hope to see you again.



  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad to see you're still riding. I used to own a Goldwing. It was great for 2 up riding, but a bit of over kill for me as a solo rider. I only had one drop. It was at low speed in a parking lot. I was doing a real tight turn around and touched the front brake just a bit too much. It went down onto the crash bars. She was heavy to pick back up, but I did it. Good luck with the new bike. I'll be watching for your blog.


  2. Hi Erik,

    Yup, still riding. I just returned from a short ride to Mexico on the Ninja and I'm still antsy to go somewhere else. Maybe I'll be able to get away on the Red Girl for a few days or weeks.

    I just found out the guy who bought my wing has it listed on Craig's List; evidently he didn't like it or maybe his HD buds gave him too much static. Or...maybe he dropped it a few times, eh?

    Anyway thanks for following, stay in touch.